Dr. Mathew Davies

Managing Consultant (Associate)

Dr Mathew Davies has spent the last forty years applying mathematical rigour and a wide range of modelling techniques to complex real-world problems.  He has designed, built, delivered and maintained a range of mathematical models and software systems; he has also managed the software development process within an ISO-9001 accredited Quality Assurance scheme.

Mathew has provided modelling consultancy to organisations across the private and public sectors. His work has spanned applications including: the analysis, modelling and simulation of hi-tech systems; benefits realisation; optimisation; forecasting; cost-benefit analyses; reverse engineering and software protection.

Mathew is a chartered engineer, mathematician and physicist.  He is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS), the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), the Institute of Physics (IoP), the Operational Research (OR) Society and the London Mathematical Society (LMS).  He has a First in Physics from Imperial College, London, a D.Phil. in Theoretical Physics from Magdalen College, Oxford and an Erdos number of 5.

Outside of Hartley McMaster, Mathew is a season ticket holder at Luton Town FC, dabbles in recreational maths, and works in local schools as a STEM ambassador.  In the past he has played football at Wembley, appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe and published in various journals (from J Phys C and IEE Proceedings to New Scientist and Punch).