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  • Analytical model development and QA: 10 best practice components

    From risk management through to specification, here are the 10 most important things organisations should consider when putting an analytical model development and QA process in place.


    What the A-level results crisis tells us about responsibility in decision analytics

    There are a lot of hot takes on the current exam results crisis, but alternative solutions may have their own significant failings…


    Benefits management: 5 reasons benefits managers need to hire analysts

    Without an analyst on your benefits team, you could be looking at fuzzy benefits, loose terminology and a shortage of numbers.


    Quality Assurance of Analytical Modelling: The importance of QA in Model Risk Management

    Quality assurance of analytical modelling is critical, but it in many organisations it doesn’t get the attention that it demands.


    How NOT to predict football match scores using analytical modelling techniques

    If it were easy to predict the outcomes of football matches, all analysts would be millionaires, right? They aren’t. Here’s why…


    Helping RNIB inform their strategic priorities with multi-criteria decision analysis

    We were honoured to work with RNIB on a pro bono project to help identify the charity’s strategic priorities.


    Analytical decision-making models can fail…so what can your organisation do about it?

    Leaders expect analytical models to provide business-critical insights at the drop of a hat. But what if they don’t deliver?


    Reducing risk in procurement bid scoring: Generate bespoke scores for your grade or rating lists

    For nearly all procurement professionals, its tough to produce bespoke tender evaluation systems again and again…


    How to identify which packages (and which functions) are actually being used by an R file

    When inheriting someone else’s R code, I always like to check which packages and functions it uses…


    Git version control in RStudio: Our top tips to help you get up and running

    It has never been more intuitive to implement Git for version control in R Studio. Here’s how…