Solving real-world problems with independent thinking

Our business

Hartley McMaster is an independent consultancy, using analytical and structured methods to solve real-world problems across organisational planning, optimisation and performance measurement.

For 30 years our consultants have helped private and public sector clients to make more informed decisions through data analysis and statistics, data science, and scenario modelling.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all methodologies. Our clients repeatedly hire us because we help them identify and tackle their true underlying problems, rather than providing superficial ‘sticking-plaster’ solutions.

Our values

Always delivering value

Ingrained in our ethos is the need to not only deliver on projects successfully, but add the most value we can in the process. Our clients come back to us repeatedly, because we always go the extra mile. We believe that, when it comes to consultancy services, you should be paying for the skills and the value provided, not just a brand name.

Providing a solution that fits the problem

Some consultants bring a hammer and treat every problem as a nail. We believe every problem is different, so why apply a standardised solution? We tackle the problems that don’t have off-the-shelf answers. Our mission is to find a bespoke, proportionate solution, not sell you a pre-prepared answer or a costly fix you don’t need.

Working with you, not just for you

Our friendly, collaborative approach helps us build positive client relationships that generate value. Curiosity, humility, and respect are qualities that all Hartley McMaster consultants share. Our attitude makes for a more personal service, closer relationships, and better serves your business needs.

Meet the team

From Excel gurus through to data analytics experts, our team of consultants blend specialist knowledge and experience with a desire to deliver value and make a difference for our clients.

Tom Dewar

Group CEO & Director

Vincent Mok

CEO & Director (APAC)

Stewart Williams

Managing Consultant (Associate)

Dr. Mathew Davies

Managing Consultant (Associate)

Martin Slaughter

Managing Consultant (Associate)

Hilary Cunningham

Senior Consultant

Michael Spears

Senior Consultant

Mike Hallard


Hristo Dobrev


James Abrams



At Hartley McMaster we’re a close team with a highly collaborative culture. We hire smart, curious employees and empower them to fulfil their potential. This means giving each team member full ownership of their work and the resources they need to accomplish their goals.

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