Analytical Model Testing & Quality Assurance

Be confident your model drives the right business decisions

While model risk management is standard in the Financial Sector, its importance is now widely recognised in businesses that rely on analytical models to make the big decisions.

As critical decisions are increasingly driven by analytical models, it is imperative for organisations to recognise and manage their inherent risks. Complex models affecting major decisions demand robust quality assurance.

Analytical Model governance and QA consulting

Our consultants have an extensive track record of providing analytical quality assurance support to the public and private sector. Notably, we contributed to HM Treasury’s AQuA Book, which provides guidance on producing quality analysis for government departments.

Our services include:

  • Analytical model testing with independent verification and validation
  • Quality assurance reviews of individual models and their use
  • Reviews of existing quality assurance processes for analytical models
  • Mentoring, advice and support in launching new analytical quality assurance processes
  • Advice and support in best practice development of analytical models  

Why work with us?

  • Gain confidence in mission-critical analytical models with an independent, impartial assessment
  • Identify and understand the hidden risks your analytical models may pose to your business
  • Strengthen your organisation’s risk strategy by incorporating best practice model quality assurance
  • Rapidly develop a roadmap and specification for improving or launching model quality assurance
  • Access the knowledge and experience of proven experts in the field of analytical model quality assurance

Previous QA clients include: